Water Treatment

WT516 - Chlorine Disinfection-Benefits, Risks & Alternatives

Length: 1 Day
Fee: $315 + tax
CEU Value: 0.7

This one-day course will introduce students to trihalomethanes, haloacetic acids, chlorination, contact time, chloramination and alternative treatments for the disinfection of drinking water. The participant will learn why drinking water needs to be disinfected and the chemistry, benefits and risks of disinfection. The course will introduce criteria for disinfectant alternatives including ozone, ultraviolet, chlorine dioxide and hypochlorites. Participants will look at disinfectant applications and control, learn the difference and similarities between chlorine and chloramines and have a basic understanding of the available disinfection treatment alternatives. They will also learn methods to calculate the minimum required contact time (CT) for inactivation of bacteria, viruses and microorganisms in drinking water.